Practical advice for SMEs

Practical advice that meets your needs

It's a known fact that being the Managing Director/Owner of a SME is often a difficult and lonely job.

Building and developing your company is a challenging task. You probably don't have an extensive management team with specific knowledge and experience at your disposal to help you make strategic decisions. And you are always running out of time.

If this sounds like you, I can help you by being a sounding board, and offering practical support with both general and specialised management experience. Together we can identify interesting opportunities, discuss future plans, and solve problems and concerns.


Years of proven experience at senior management level

In 2010 I became an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

Over 25 years of proven experience as a CEO/Senior Manager helped my selection for training and qualifying for accreditation

This accreditation ensures you that I am sufficiently experienced to talk to you about what really matters and to offer support with "practical advice that works"TM. I do this independently from the Institute for Independent Business.

As an Accredited Associate I have access to an extensive network of accredited and trained specialists who, just like me, offer the IIB Business Support ProgramTM. This is why I also signed the Code of Ethics.


Your Company will benefit from my knowledge and experience

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If your would like to know more about the Institute for Independent Business, please check out  the IIB Consultancy Business Development ProgramTM, that I undertook in order to become an Accredited Associate.