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Assistance in developing your company

Staf Tubex is able to analyse a company and subsequently clearly define the problems and opportunities within a short time frame. He is a result-oriented manager, who effectively leads the change process, and helped our company improve. He is a professional who collaborates outstandingly well with his colleagues and keeps his attention focussed on the mission of the entire organisation.

Henk Bakker, ex-Manager Business Group Agriculture and COO of Nutreco


The best crisis manager

Staf is the best crisis manager; he is dedicated to the strategy and, even in difficult circumstances, works diligently on what needs to be done. He has a strong analytical mind.

Gert Duurland, BU Controller Noria S.A. France, Nutreco

Result-oriented conclusions

Staf Tubex is a down to earth manager, whose strengths lie in decision-making and always staying focussed on the desired outcome. In addition to his strong managerial skills, Staf is a likeable individual who easily gains respect from his colleagues.

Bert Piëst, ex CEO Royal Schouten Group, Nederland


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