Your advantage

Changes with measurable results and commitment will be implemented quickly

Delegation of responsibility and authority characterize the management style of Staf Tubex (°1957). He is always focussed on the desired outcome, gaining commitment from everyone within the organisation.

Staf Tubex feels at home:

  • in dynamic environments
  • implementing within a short time frame
  • with drastic changes
  • with measurable results

Experience in agro-business, food industry, and logistics

Badral Management bvba was founded in 2001 to use Staf Tubex's experience in a flexible way:

  • from general to operational management
  • in areas like agro-business, food industry and logistics
  • in SMEs, and business units of multinationals (from 50 to 350 employees)

I became an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) in order to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with "practical advice that works"TM



Staf Tubex is an agricultural engineer.  He holds a degree in Business Economics and a Masters of Business Administration (University of Leuven). He has reinforced his management experience with management studies at Vlerick Business School and at the University of Michigan Business School. 

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